About RFI Engineering

Established in 2007, RFI Engineering is a privately held company, based in the Netherlands. RFI Engineering was founded by Frank Koopman and Ivo van Ling when they recognized the vast and growing potential of Industrial Internet of Things.

The Industrial Internet of Things rapid growth is being driven by innovations from companies like RFI Engineering, and is showing a strong growth outlook. While the market for connecting people will always be essentially limited by the number of people, the market for connecting machines has the potential to link billions or even trillions of machines together, creating a gigantic new source of demand for secure services.

Our strategy is to continue to leverage our position as a global Industrial Internet of Things solutions manufacturer, offering our customers and partners a competitive edge by reducing their total cost of ownership.

RFI Engineering designs, develops and manufactures out-of-band management, service assurance and disaster recovery products for the industrial Internet of Things, offering service providers, utilities and enterprises a competitive edge by reducing their total cost of ownership. We provide a robust line of wired, cellular, and non-cellular networks carrier-grade routers and switches to enable industrial Internet of Things solutions.

All services and solutions can be branded and incorporated in a complete industrial Internet of Things solutions.