About RFI Engineering

Established in 2007, RFI Engineering is a privately funded company, based in the Netherlands. RFI Engineering was founded by Frank Koopman and Ivo van Ling when they recognized the vast and growing potential of Internet of Things. RFI Engineering believes that the modular design, flexible scripting and sheer quality of its solutions are key competitive differentiators.

Effective November 1, 2015, the new RFI Engineering Leadership Team will replace the current Leadership Team. The CEO will chair the Leadership Team, which will consist of four members:

  • Ivo van Ling - Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer
  • Peter Calis - President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Ron Lammers - Vice President Hardware Solutions
  • Sebastien Renauld - Vice President Software Services

The Board of Directors plays a fundamental role in guiding the strategy of the company. With backgrounds from leading companies, this diverse group of individuals lends perspective and knowledge shaping RFI Engineering’s decision-making worldwide.

When smart and innovative solutions are paired with RFI Engineering's products, lives can be enriched and the environment protected. All services and solutions can be branded under OEM's name and incorporated in a complete IOT | M2M solution.