Installation of LoRa Configurator on Windows

After download of the LoRa-configurator application, locate the downloaded file. It usually ends up in your Downloads folder. Right-click on the download file : and choose Extract-All to extract the downloaded application into its own folder. Windows will give a security warning, similar to the one below:




After Windows has extracted the application into its own folder locate the file: Configurator like shown below:




Double clicking the application opens the LoRa Configurator tool:






When a LoRa Remote Power Switch is connected to a USB port on your PC it shows up under Select device. You can access the configuration of the LoRa Remote Power Switch after you enter your password under the Login heading. The default password of the LoRa Remote Power Switch is: rfi123


When you change a setting, for example you want to set the AppEUI, simply enter the value in the corresponding entry field and press [ENTER]. The settings are automatically updated in the LoRa Remote Power Switch. Pressing the Refresh button on the top right of the screen will fetch the latest configuration of the LoRa Remote Power Switch.

For getting the LoRa Remote Power Switch to work with your favourite LoRaWAN provider it is usually sufficient to alter the DevEUI, AppEUI and AppKey to fit within your providers network and set the Joinmode to OTAA.