LoRa Remote Power Switch upgrade procedure using MS Windows

The firmware of the RPSW can be updated using the USB port. You have to put the unit in Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode in order to flash the device with new firmware. To put the RPSW in DFU mode disconnect the unit from the mains power. Insert a small pin (for example a paper clip or similar) in the hole at the bottom of the unit to press the button.

While keeping the button depressed power the unit on. You can then release the button. No LEDs on the side of the unit are lit, and the unit is now in DFU mode.

In order to upgrade the firmware of the LoRa Remote Power Switch using a MS Windows machine you will have to install the DfuSe USB device firmware upgrade tool from ST Micro Electronics on your Windows machine. This tool can be downloaded here: STM32 DfuSe Demo. Follow the download and install instructions.

You will have to fill in a form and confirm the download with your email address. If you don't like to leave your email address on the ST Micro Electronics website, there is an alternative download here.

Then; download the latest firmware for the LoRa Remote Power Switch (1.80) by clicking on the button below.


The LoRa Remote Power Switch firmware file should have the filename: LoRa_RPSW_01_1.80.dfu

Make sure that your RPSW is in DFU mode by following the procedure above and then launch the DFuSe Demo. You should see the following screen:



The tool should recognise that the RPSW is in DFU mode. This is indicated at the top of the screen, by the Available DFU devices: STM Device in DFU Mode

Click the 'Choose' button near the bottom of the screen and select the LoRa_RPSW_01_1.80.dfu file. Then click the 'Upgrade' button.



The DFuSe Demo tool will ask for confirmation. Click 'Yes'



The DFuSe Demo tool starts to upgrade the RPSW. This will take a few minutes to complete. After the upgrade is complete you can unplug the USB and the Power cable.

Once you plug the power back in the blue LED on the side of the unit starts flashing and the unit is ready for use.