Out of Band Management

Networks often crash because of very simple problems; problems that could easily be fixed ... if you could just get your hands on them. An out of band management solution often provides exactly what network administrators need in order to get their hands on problems at remote network sites. 

With RFI Engineering's out of band management solution, you can easily connect to console ports on remote network devices, and invoke troubleshooting and configuration commands to quickly deal with malfunctioning network equipment ... without a long drive to a remote equipment site. An out of band management solution cuts network administration costs by eliminating expensive service calls to remote sites, and also minimizes network downtime, by providing a fast, secure way to get your hands on network problems without even leaving your office.


Out of Band Management - An Alternate Way to Access Remote Devices

Typically, an out of band management solution consists of a terminal server or console server which resides on a secondary maintenance network, yet is able to contact network devices on the primary network via cable connection to serial console ports on the network devices. In cases where a secondary network is not feasible, a dial-up connection can also be used to connect to the console server in order to provide out of band access to command functions on remote devices when normal network communication is not available.


Also Available in a -48V DC Powered Configuration

When the equipment is located in telecom equipment rooms; running from mains AC power could be an impractical option. Therefore all U-routers Out of Band Management units can be operated from either 100 to 240V AC versions or -48V DC by simply using different PoE power supplies.

RFI Engineering offers three out of band management products;

Universal M2M router
Universal M2M router
Remote Access Device Controller
Remote Access Device Controller
Single Port Remote Power Switch