LoRa Remote Power Switch

The LoRaWANTM Remote Power Switch is a smart LoRa® device for remotely controlling industrial and home appliances. The Remote Power Switch supports universal IEC320-C14 type input and IEC320-C13 output connectors to easily fit between the power cord and the device under control.

The Remote Power Switch can be used to remotely control the power of external devices or appliances. Appliances include among others remote control of general devices, lighting, irrigation systems, pumps, remote servers, smart cabinets, repeater stations, towers, enabling and disabling security systems, access control of gates and doors. Communication to the Remote Power Switch is done using the integrated LoRaWAN module. All you need to do is: configure the Remote Power Switch via the integrated Micro-USB port, connect to your LoRaWAN network, connect the Remote Power Switch to your power outlet and connect your appliances to the Remote Power Switch.




  • 100-250 VAC Universal Input/Output
  • 6A current switching
  • IEC320-C14 input type
  • IEC320-C13 output type
  • LoRaWAN class C interface
  • Blue power LED
  • Green relay status LED
  • Meets Safety Agency Requirements
  • Complies With EMI/RFI Regulations
  • CE, RoHS and WEEE Compliant
  • Black, Flame retardant ABS plastic enclosure
  • 2 Year Warranty

Order code: RE.81.0100