(EoL) M-gateway - outdoor LoRa gateway


The M-gateway is a smart compact ruggedized IoT certified gateway solution, specifically designed for outdoor LoRapublic or private network deployments. Its ruggedized compact IP67 design and easy setup makes this outdoor gateway ideal for zero-touch high volume deployments. The M-gateway can be remotely monitored and managed through RFI Services cloud-based managed services platform.

LoRa RF technology has been pioneered by Semtech and is a 2-way wireless solution, operating in the license exempt ISM bands, that complements M2M cellular infrastructure. LoRa provides a low-cost way to connect battery operated and mobile devices to the network infrastructure.

The compact M-gateway will be the perfect match for operators, utilities and enterprises looking for a turnkey public or private IoT network solution. The M-gateway provides a high-quality, low-cost support for LoRa-based IoT applications. The gateway is standard equipped with one LoRa transceiver (8 channels) and a uBloxMAX-M8W GPS receiver for advance timekeeping; enabling class-B operation. The M-gateway comes standard with RFI Linux (4.9.40) and LoRa packet forwarder 4.0.1. pre-installed on the micro SD card. Advanced users can easily replace the pre-installed image their own version(s) of the open source software.


  • LoRa 868MHz (Europe) long range operation, up to 15 km range in line-of-sight and < 2 km in urban environment
  • 8 channel design, based on SX1308 and 2x SX1257 chipset
  • Microchip AT91SAM9G25 MPU (ARM9@400Mhz)
  • DDR2 RAM 128 MB @ 16 bit
  • MicroSD holder push-pull type, with 16GB micro SD card included
  • Powered by 48V PoE, 100-240VAC to 48VDC PoE power supply included
  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface
  • Onboard GPS uBlox Max8W receiver allowing for GPS time-sync for class-B operation
  • Onboard active GPS antenna
  • Command line interface and Web interface for local & remote configuration
  • Remote configurable and remote software upgrades
  • Black, flame retardant ABS plastic enclosure
  • 2 Year Warranty