RS485 Remote Power Switch

Servers, routers, and other electronic equipment sometimes 'lock-up', often requiring a service call to a remote site just to flip the power switch to perform a simple reboot. The RE.11 Series Remote Power Switches give you the ability to remote reboot and remote power cycle equipment from anywhere.

The RS485 Remote Power Switch uses the RS485 bus to remotely control the power to an external device, such as network routers. The unit supports universal IEC320-C14 type input and IEC320-C13 output connectors to easily fit between the power cord and the external device under control. The RS485 Remote Power Switch has a contact relay that can handle a maximum switched current of 6A.

The RS485 Remote Power Switch supports two RS485 protocols: RIOT and Modbus RTU. The RIOT protocol allows the unit to be plug-and-play, without prior configuration. Alternatively it can use the Modbus RTU protocol. In that case the Modbus address: 1~255 and the correct serial speed must be configured manually prior to use. The RS485 Remote Power Switch is often used in combination with the IoT-controller to remotely control the power of external devices (e.g. network routers).

The RS485 Remote Power Switch works together with the IoT-controller, the U-router NGW, and U-router NGE.


The RS485 Remote Power Switch employs a specially designed serial protocol called RIOT. Through the use of the RIOT protocol the device announces its presence on the RS485 bus automatically. There is no need for pre-configuration, just plug up to 32 devices into the RS485 bus and they are immediately ready for use. Device configuration is stored in the onboard flash and can be changed remotely or through the USB interface.

The RS485 Remote Power Switch is very easy to use. Due to its fast communication, stability, reliability, and safety, it is an ideal choice for industrial control equipment and/or applications with a (very) high communication requirement.





  • 100-250 VAC Universal Input/Output
  • 6A current switching
  • IEC320-C14 input type
  • IEC320-C13 output type
  • Micro USB Configuration Interface
  • 2x RJ-11 connector for RS485 bus
  • Blue power LED
  • Green relay LED
  • Meets Safety Agency Requirements
  • Complies With EMI/RFI Regulations
  • CE, RoHS and WEEE Compliant
  • Black, Flame retardant ABS plastic enclosure
  • 1 Year Warranty

Product code: RE.11.R485 | Region: Global